The County identified the Bloomington Community and the Valley Corridor in particular as an area for concentrated reinvestment. The County believes that focused public investment in this area can stimulate private investment and reinvigorate the community.

Bloomington prides itself on its history as a rural, agricultural community, and in some instances, the community has taken considerable measures to hold onto that identity. Today, however, Bloomington is experiencing urbanization brought on by the growing needs of the region. While the community will continue to preserve and protect its unique character, it must also attract development that can generate economic vitality. The recovering economy presents an opportunity to develop a long-term vision for the area along Valley Boulevard, Bloomington’s primary commercial corridor.

Furthermore, recent County investments such as the Affordable Bloomington development (including the Bloomington Branch Library), the extension of sewer and water lines along Valley Boulevard, and roadway improvements along Valley Boulevard and Cedar Avenue serve as catalysts for additional investment.

To leverage these public investments and ensure that future private investment reflects the County’s and community’s goals, the County prepared a Specific Plan. A Specific Plan provides not only the general vision and broad policy framework to guide development, but also the regulatory mechanisms so that new projects reflect quality development and can be processed in a timely manner.

In an area where past development efforts have been frustrated by infrastructure issues, the Specific Plan also presents a comprehensive transportation, open space, and infrastructure program that outlines future system needs and identifies the resources necessary to finance and implement such improvements.

Finally, the Specific Plan is the result of three years of outreach with hundreds of residents, local business owners, community organizations, the development community, and service providers. The Specific Plan’s Vision, principles, and development concepts reflect the needs and desires of those who live, serve, and invest in Bloomington.